Police Division

The Augusta Department of Public Safety (ADPS) Patrol Division is comprised of the officers that citizens have the most frequent contact with and see patrolling the community everyday. The officers assigned to the Patrol Division work 12-hour shifts, and the officers are distributed among four crews to provide the City with 24-hour coverage.

The Patrol Division is responsible for all aspects of a full-service law enforcement organization. Our officers respond to calls for service or assistance from citizens, enforce traffic laws, enforce city ordinances, respond to medical calls within the City of Augusta, and conduct routine patrols of the City as part of their duties. In addition, with our officers being cross-trained as firefighters, our patrol officers respond to fire alarms within the city limits and within a 3 mile perimeter of the city.

Our patrol officers handle most calls and / or cases from beginning to end. Some larger agencies have officers that respond to the call for assistance, then after gathering the information the case is forwarded to detectives. Our organization requires the patrol officer to respond to the call, investigate the incident to the best of their ability (with assistance of the Criminal Investigations Division as needed), prepare the case for prosecution, and finally testify to secure the conviction. This allows each officer the chance to enhance their knowledge for possible future promotions or transfers, and the process builds a strong learning base for officers to enhance their own abilities without constraints. Should the case be of an extremely serious nature or become unmanageable by the case officer, the Criminal Investigations Division may be asked to assist with, or take over, the case.

The Patrol Division creates approximately 2,500 cases per year. These cases include criminal offenses that require prosecution, as well as cases made for documentation of a specific incident. In addition, our officers issue approximately 3,000 citations per year for violations of traffic and other ordinances within the city limits.