Disc Golf

Hole 4 at Knockwood Disc Golf Course

Knockwood Disc Golf Course at Santa Fe Lake*

Come check out Santa Fe Lake's new Knockwood Disc Golf Course, a premier par-60, 18-hole disc golf course that tests all of your skills with elevation changes, densely wooded technical shots, and water carries.

Hole layouts are attackable with precise placement shots, but will punish your scorecard when you go off the beaten path.  At roughly 6,700 feet in length and 230 feet of cumulative elevation gain, be prepared for a legitimate hike as you explore the prairie grass meadows and backwoods of Santa Fe Lake and Dry Creek.

* Entrance fees to Santa Fe Lake apply ($10-$12/day or $21/year for Augusta Residents or $55/year for others).

Garvin Park Disc Golf Course
Click to view and download a PDF version of the Garvin Park 18-hole full course map with basket and tee pad locations.  Teepads are marked with standard signage.  See a PDF File of the full signage photo gallery for all 18 holes.

When it comes to park amenities, Augusta takes the common and makes it uniquely our own. Millions of people have played disc golf across thousands of courses, but few have ever played the game quite like this … in the dark. Augusta is believed to be the only permanently lit glow-in-the-dark municipal disc golf course in the United States, perhaps even the world. 

Our course features 18 holes (several offering multiple tee pad options) winding throughout the perimeter of Garvin Park and the Elm Creek watershed. Concrete tee pads embedded with glow-in-the-dark solar rocks charge during the day and release a soft glow at night to help players find their footing in the dark. The unique DreamCatcher baskets designed by professional disc golfer Iqbal Jehan feature glow-in-the-dark powder-coat paint that lights up under the glow of permanently installed landscape black lights. Baskets light up every single night of the year and the course is free to public. Just tape a few LED lights to your discs, wait for the sun to go down, and get to tossing.

If you're looking for more information about the course, including distance and pars, many disc golfers use the "UDisc Disc Golf" app. The app is free to download and also provides a way to keep track of your score.