Sidewalk Replacement Program

  1. This program is designed to replace older public sidewalks in the City of Augusta.
  2. This program will not cover new sidewalks, driveways, or sidewalks from the public sidewalk to the dwelling or business.
  3. This program will provide 50% rebate, up to $500.00 per property.
  4. All sidewalk replacement and repairs will be consistent with the following City specifications.
    • 3500 psi concrete mix
    • 4 foot minimum width, except the entire sidewalk on the block is less than 4 foot, but not less than 3 foot in width
    • 4 inches in thickness
    • Wire mesh reinforcement
    • Run from property line to property line
    • Have an expansion joint (felt) at each property line and each side of the driveway
    • All old sidewalk debris shall be removed from the site and properly disposed of (no illegal dumping)
    • Fill dirt shall be placed along all sidewalk edges
  5. Sidewalk repairs shall comply with the above specifications, except the 4 foot width requirement, if the existing public sidewalk is less than 4 foot, and only one or two sections of the entire sidewalk is to be repaired. This exception shall be determined on a case by case basis.
  6. The Inspection Department will have the authority to recommend replacement of the entire sidewalk upon inspection instead of repairs to specific sidewalk sections.
  7. All sidewalk replacement and repairs shall be completed within 30 days after notification of the Inspection Department.
Program Details, Rebate Request Form, and Certification of Work Form