Flight Planning

Flight Planning

AMA wants to make sure you have a safe flight. Proper flight planning is essential in order for you to do so. AMA offers a full service pilot lounge and flight planning area. 

Instrument Approaches

Instrument approaches permit operations during instrument meteorological conditions, and further increase access, capacity, and overall reliability of the airport. AMA has two published instrument approach procedures.

Special Take-Off Minimums Departure Procedures
ORIG 10154 (FAA)

NOTE: Rwy 18, vehicles on road, 294' from DER, left to right of centerline, 15' AGL/1319' MSL. Trees beginning 386' from DER, 498' left of centerline, 100' AGL/ 1419' MSL. Rwy 36, vehicles on highway, 687' from DER, left to right of centerline, 17' AGL/1354' MSL.

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