Aviation Education and Outreach

Well-paying aviation industry careers are forecasted to be in high demand for the next 20+ years. Recognizing the need, Augusta Municipal Airport (AMA) adopted an Aviation Education and Outreach Initiative aimed at growing aviation regionally; introducing the next generation to the amazing world of aviation; and fostering organic growth, by creating the airport's future customers. 

The Aviation Education and Outreach Initiative employs a multi-faceted approach to growing aviation. The general principal of the initiative is to increase opportunities for the general public to experience aviation and interact with the airport, as well as creating educational opportunities for those that become interested in aviation. 

AMA is planning multiple fun, informative, and typically free events aimed at showcasing aviation. These events have been extremely successful at growing interest in aviation. 

AMA reached out to all school districts within Butler and Sedgwick County to discuss the airport's vision for growing aviation and aviation education and and several school districts are very interested in supporting aviation careers and participating in AMA's initiative. 

AMA also reached out to several aviation academic institutions in hopes of facilitating the implementation of a dual credit high school aviation education curriculum at Butler and Sedgwick County schools. 

AMA even reached out to local, regional, and state aviation industry stakeholders, trying to form a collaborative partnership aimed at growing aviation and creating opportunities for our next generation.  

Augusta Municipal Airport is not your typical small town airport!