Victim's Rights

What rights do I have?

Kansas Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights

How will I be notified of court proceedings?

The court clerk will send a letter notifying you of upcoming court proceedings along with a Victim Impact Statement. After the initial appearance by the defendant a new letter will be sent with the next court date. Upon conclusion of the case a disposition letter will be sent.

There are times the defendant will be brought before the court before the first letter is received due to the nature of the case. Please feel free to contact the court clerk with any questions and updates regarding your case.

What is a “no contact order”?

A no contact order can be made a condition of a defendant’s bond. This condition means there should be no contact between the victim and the defendant until the order is lifted by the Judge. The order will not be lifted by the Judge until both parties submit a request in writing to the court.

If I receive a subpoena will the case definitely go to trial on that date?

You are required to appear unless you are notified that the case will not proceed on that day. For various reasons, a case may not actually proceed to trial at the scheduled time. You may contact the court to verify if the case is still scheduled.

Kansas VINE Service (Information & Notification for Offender Custody)

                     Custody Status in County Jails: (866) 574-8463


Kansas Attorney General’s Office

                  Victims Services Division: (800) 828-9745


Kansas Bureau of Investigation 

                   Phone: (800) KS-CRIME


Crime Victims Compensation

                    Phone: (785) 296-2359