FAQs and Definitions

What not to wear for your court appearances.

What are "Court Costs" and do I have to pay them if I don't appear in court?

Do I have to come to court to pay my citation?

How do I pay my fine?

What happens if I don't appear on my court date?

Can I speak with the Prosecutor?

What is an "Amendment"?

Can I get a diversion on a traffic ticket?

Do I have to get a lawyer?

What does "Pro Se" mean?

What if I'm found "Guilty"?

Can I appeal the Judge's decision?

What if I get "Probation"?

What does "Dismissed without Prejudice" mean?

What is a misdemeanor?

Why do I have to get fingerprinted?

How do I get my court dispositions?

Why is my license suspended?

How do I get my license reinstated?

What if I have a warrant?

How do I get my records expunged?

What happens if I can't pay my fine?

How can I pay my fine "after hours"?