Court Process

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If your citation has a specified amount on the back you may choose to pay it prior to your court date. If the citation is a “fix it ticket” you must have it signed off by an officer prior to your court date. If the citation is marked “MCA” or “Mandatory Court Appearance” you must appear in court, unless otherwise advised. There are some instances when the court clerk is able to dismiss a charge prior to the court date. Your court date and time is listed at the bottom of your citation.

What Should I Bring?You should bring all documents that pertain to your case or citation. This includes receipts for tags, driver’s licenses, proof of insurance and disabled parking permits.

Rescheduling a Court AppearanceThe court clerk may grant one continuance on the arraignment docket for up to two weeks. There is a $10.00 continuance fee.  All other continuances may be granted only in the event of a documented emergency and must be approved by the Judge or Prosecutor.

Court AppearancesThe Augusta Municipal Court is located in the same building as the Augusta Department of Safety at 2100 N. Ohio, Augusta, KS 67010. The court room will be clearly marked on court days.

The court room will typically be opened by 12:30 and a sign in sheet will be placed outside the door. Once you sign in, an officer may check you with a metal detector before you enter the room. Smoking and “vaping” are not allowed in the court room.

If you are not dressed appropriately, according to the dress code, you will be asked to change and come back. No hats, except those worn for religious purposes, shall be allowed to be worn in the court room. Failure to re-appear could result in a warrant for your arrest.

Once court begins the Judge will read a list of your rights. The Judge will then call the “First Appearance” docket and “Sentence Review” docket to the podium. The order the docket is called is the order that you have signed in.  If you have cases on the “Disposition” docket you will be called by the Prosecutor. If you have counsel, either retained or appointed, you will be called by the Prosecutor once your counsel has arrived. The “Trial” docket will be called after the others are completed.

While the court endeavors to get everyone seen in a timely manner, you should plan to be in the court room for an extended period of time, particularly if you are on the “disposition” docket.

The “First Appearance” Docket begins at 1:00 PMThe “First Appearance” Docket is also called the “Arraignment” Docket. When you appear on this docket you will be called by the Judge to approach the lectern and make your initial plea. You will be given the opportunity to advise of retained counsel, request additional time to retain counsel, request appointed counsel, speak with the prosecutor, or request a trial. The Judge is not able to give you legal advice.

a)      A “not guilty” plea means you do not believe you have violated the
         Ordinance with which you have been charged. Your case will then
         be set for hearing at a later date.
b)      A “no contest” plea means you do not contest the charges against
          you. The court is then required to adjudge you “guilty”.
c)       A “guilty” plea means you admit you did what you are accused of

The “Sentence Review” Docket begins at 1:00 PMThe “Sentence Review” Docket is also called the “Pay or Appear” Docket. If you make your arranged payment, and confirm said payment with the clerk, prior to your court date you do not have to appear on this date. You must confirm your payment with the court clerk and receive a new date. If you are not able to make your arranged payment you must appear in court and speak with the Judge.

The “Disposition” Docket begins at 2:00 PMThe “Disposition” Docket is for those who have waived counsel, or have counsel by appointment or retention, and are returning to speak with the Prosecutor regarding their case.

The “Trial” Docket begins at 3:00 PMThe “Trial” Docket is for cases in which a trial setting has been requested. The Augusta Municipal Court only has bench, or non-jury, trials.