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FEBRUARY 3, 2017

City Engineer Evaluating Road Conditions for Potential Street Sales Tax Projects

The Street Sales Tax Advisory Committee has developed a preliminary list of projects for consideration for the 2017 Street Sales Tax program.  Augusta’s City Engineer, Schwab Eaton, will be on site in these neighborhoods evaluating the preliminary list of streets.  These onsite evaluations will be conducted Friday, February 3rd through next Thursday, February 9th.  Schwab will have employees, vehicles, and equipment on the designated streets checking pavement conditions in order to update construction cost estimates.  These estimates will be presented to the Street Sales Tax Committee at the second public hearing scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 9th at City Hall.

2017 Street Sales Tax Program – Potential Project Areas:

$1·         Lakeside II Addition

-          Woodland Drive (Ohio to Ridgecrest)

-          Ranchwood Drive (Ohio to Ridgecrest)

-          Huntington Rd (Ohio to Ridgecrest)

-          Ridgecrest (Woodland to Huntington)

-          Post Rd (Woodland to Ranchwood)

-          Brookdale Rd (Ranchwood to Huntington)

$1·         Angelina Drive

$1·         Yellowrose Lane

$1·         Limerick Lane

$1·         Kelly Ave (Ohio St. to Kelly Ct.)

$1·         Ridgewood Drive

$1·         Cedar Lane

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