Pet Registration

All dogs and cats owned and kept within the city are required to be registered and licensed with the City and immunized with a rabies vaccination upon reaching 4 months of age.  Licenses cost $5.00 and last for a period of one year after issuance. 

Licenses can be obtained at the Augusta Utility Office (113 E 6th Ave) or at the Augusta Animal Clinic (704 E Belmont Ave).  Pet owners must bring proof of rabies vaccination with them. The owner of any dog or cat shall, at the time of registration, present to the city clerk a certificate from an accredited veterinarian showing that a male dog or cat has been neutered or a female dog or cat has been spayed, if the dog or cat has been neutered or spayed.

Please see Chapter 2 of City Code for more information on animal regulations, including dogs and cats kept as pets.

Dogs that are classified as dangerous dogs according to Municipal Code Section 2-101 are not allowed within city limit and cannot be registered unless they are a registered, state-recognized service dog.