Minutes 07-17-2017


JULY 17, 2017

7:00 P.M.

The Council of the City of Augusta, Kansas met in regular session on July 17, 2017, with Mayor Matt C. Childers presiding.  Council present were Jason Lowery, Jamie Crum, Paul Belt, Mike Rawlings, Tom Leffler, and Justin Londagin.  Council members Ron Reavis and Cale Magruder were absent.  Also present:  City Manager Josh Shaw, City Attorney Austin Parker and City Clerk Erica Jones.  Visitors present were: Belinda Larsen, Dr. John Black and Connie Thurman.


Pledge of Allegiance


Prayer:   Councilman Rawlings gave the invocation.


Minutes:  Crum made a motion to approve the minutes from the July 3, 2017 City Council meeting.  Belt seconded the motion. Motion carried without opposition.


Ordinance 7:  Leffler made a motion to approve Ordinance #7 for $366,992.86.  Crum seconded the motion. Motion carried without opposition.


Londagin made a motion to recess for 5 minutes to see if staff can get Channel 7 to work and reconvene at 7:09 p.m., Belt seconded the motion. Motion carried without opposition.


At 7:09 p.m., the Mayor called the meeting back to order.



Schedule a Public Hearing to take Input and Comment on the Proposed 2018 Budget:  Londagin made a motion to schedule a public hearing on Monday, August 7, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall to take input and comment on the proposed 2018 Budget.  Rawlings seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.


Resolution No. 2017-40 Requesting the State Director of Accounts and Reports Waive the Requirements of K.S.A. 75-1120A(A) for the City’s 2017 Financial Reports: Rawlings made a motion to approve Resolution No. 2017-40 requesting the State Director of Accounts and Reports waive the requirements of K.S.A. 75-1120a(a) with regard to the City’s 2017 financial statements and reports.  Leffler seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.


Update on Condemnation Process of a Single-Family Residential Structure and a Detached Residential Garage Located at 1154 North School Street:  Staff provided an update regarding the condemnation process at 1154 North School Street for a single-family residential structure and detached residential garage pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. 12-1750 et seq.  Staff confirmed that the owner has satisfied all the conditions of the demolition and that the City does not need to take any further action.


Accept an Electric Utility Easement at 340 East Broadway Avenue in Support of Infrastructure Enhancements:  Belt made a motion to accept an electric utility easement at 340 East Broadway Street needed to support infrastructure enhancements.  Lowery seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.



Matters From/For Council and Informational Memorandum:

Leffler:  Discussion of after-hours access control concept for City Lake Road.  Leffler inquired about possibly shutting off portions of Lake Road during the evening hours to prevent the damage that occurs because of four-wheelers and other off-road vehicles.  He said there are several people that live along the road that would support its closure.  Leffler stated that people report the vehicles but by the time the Public Safety Department gets there, they are gone.  He said there are a couple places where you could easily install a gate.  Mayor Childers suggested presenting this to the Park Advisory Board as a discussion item.  Rawlings agreed.  Leffler asked to be included in that discussion.  Shaw stated that staff is supportive of this discussion.  There was a consensus from the governing body for this to be discussed by the Park Board.


            Leffler inquired about the progress of the public works building.  Shaw stated that the architect was hired to handle the concept design, and then we acquired the other two properties down there.  Those were not included in the first concept and need to be included, and then the platting and sight planning need to occur.  He stated that the architects have not met the budget that was provided to them so we contacted some metal building companies to ask if something this big can be done for the budget we have available.  He stated we have a consultant working on a metal design for us, but we do not have a formal relationship with that consultant.  Shaw stated that the next step would be to ask the Council for approval to work with a vendor to assist us with a design build that would actually meet the budget we have available.  He stated that staff needs to clarify with Council the appropriate way to proceed.


Crum:  Crum asked if trashcans could be put up at the Splash Pad until the ones on order arrive. Shaw stated he would check in to that.


Adjourn:  At 7:32 p.m., Londagin made a motion to adjourn.  Rawlings seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.

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