Minutes 11-21-2011


NOVEMBER 21, 2011

7:00 P.M.


The Council of the City of Augusta, Kansas met in regular session on November 21, 2011, with Mayor Kristey Williams presiding.  Council present were Holly Harper, Matt Childers, Michael Huddleston, Sue Jones, Mike Rawlings, Ron Reavis, and Matt Malone.  Councilman Michael Wallace was absent.  Also present:  City Attorney David All, City Manager Bill Keefer, and City Clerk Erica Jones.  Visitors present were: Kent Bush, Gary Rogers, Myrna Rogers, Bill Kincaid, Al Bergen, Leonard Whitehill, and other members representing the Lions Club.


Prayer:  Pastor Terry Deaver, First Baptist Church, gave the invocation.


Minutes:  Childers made a motion to approve the minutes from the November 7, 2011 meeting.   Harper seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.



November (11):  S. Jones inquired about the $1,000 CTB grant paid to the Chamber.  Keefer stated the Chamber applied and was approved for a CTB grant for their annual Homecoming event.  Reavis made a motion to approve Ordinance 11 in the amount of $265,614.47.  Childers seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition. 


New Business:

Lion’s Club:  Council considered a request from the Augusta Lions Club to construct an outdoor basketball court at Bill Reed Park.  Leonard Whitehill, representing the Lions Club, addressed the council.  Whitehill stated the Lions club has done many public service projects throughout the city over the years and that they are requesting the city’s support for another of those projects.  Childers asked Reavis and Huddleston if there was any information from the Park Board meeting that wasn’t presented in the memo.  Huddleston stated that all members agreed that this was a good project.  Reavis stated the biggest concern that was voiced was the fact that an additional basketball court was not included in the master plan, but the board worked through those issues and was all in agreement that it is a good project.  Rawlings made a motion to approve a request from the Augusta Lions Club to construct an outdoor basketball court at Bill Reed Park.  Childers seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.  Whitehill thanked Keefer, the Park Board, and the Council for working with the Lion’s Club on this project.  Whitehill again thanked Keefer for working with them and for his help throughout this process.  Whitehill also announced that the Lions Club will be selling Christmas trees at ACE Hardware this year. 


Million Gallon Water Tank Project:  Malone made a motion to approve an amendment to the Engineering Services Agreement with Aqua Tech Engineering for the Million Gallon Water Tank Project.  Childers seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.


Work Session:  Childers made a motion to schedule a work session for 6 p.m. on Monday, December 5, 2011 to review applications for the City’s annual Utility Credit/Abatement program for non-profit organizations.  Harper seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.


Lulu Street:  Council reviewed and discussed the City’s portion of the extension of Lulu Street to Thunder Road.  Keefer stated the process with Wal-Mart has accelerated over the last couple of weeks.  Keefer stated he would like to tie the balance of Lulu Street into Wal-Mart’s project to take advantage of the cost savings, but in order to do that in a timely manner we need to get that process started.  Keefer recommended using the funds from the sale of property to Wal-Mart to do the project and if additional funds are needed those can be paid out of Capital Improvements.  Keefer stated the City would have to acquire a portion of the old railroad right-of-way from the County in order to do this project.  Reavis asked if the city could piggy-back our portion of the street onto Wal-Mart or their engineer’s portion of the project.  Keefer stated he has inquired about that, but they wanted to keep their project separate and distinct from our portion of the project.  Huddleston asked if the city would be putting in sidewalk approaches for the future trail along the railroad right-of-way.  Keefer stated that is a good idea and he will inquire about that.  S. Jones asked if Wal-Mart is having an engineer do their portion of the street couldn’t Martin Goedecke coordinate with them.  Keefer stated he will and that the Wal-Mart engineer will pass any useful information on to Goedecke.  S. Jones stated it seems like a convoluted way of doing it.  Keefer agreed but stated when he asked the Project Manager/Engineer last spring or early summer he stated he wanted to keep it separate.  S. Jones asked if we could ask again.  Keefer stated he would. 


Reavis made a motion to authorize staff to work with Goedecke Engineering on design engineering for extending Lulu Street to Thunder Road subject to Wal-Mart’s Project Manager/Engineer’s refusal to add it to their project.  Childers seconded the motion.  Rawlings asked if the issue should be tabled until there is an answer from Wal-Mart’s Project Manager/Engineer.  Williams stated that would delay it another two weeks and with this motion we are covered either way.  Motion carried without opposition.


Final Comments:

Reavis – Reavis asked the council if they feel there is a need for a policy for council member’s attendance at meetings and their ability to serve on the council.  Childers asked Reavis if he has had someone approach him about this issue.  Reavis stated he has.  Childers stated he has been approached too.  Reavis stated this isn’t directed to any one council member, but that there is an obligation with this position that we need to accept and fulfill our responsibilities.  Williams asked Keefer if he is aware of any other communities that have this type of a policy.  Keefer stated he is not.  Huddleston stated we don’t have those types of requirements for our committees.  Huddleston stated the citizens can take care of this by not re-electing the council members.  Reavis stated that four years is a long time between elections.  Childers asked City Attorney David All if he had any concerns with that type of a policy.  Mr. All stated that he is not sure if the council has the authority to set that type of policy and asked that he be given until the next meeting to research the issue further. 



Adjourn:  At 7:23 p.m. S. Jones made a motion to adjourn.   Childers seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.      


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