Minutes 10-03-2011


OCTOBER 3, 2011

7:00 P.M.


The Council of the City of Augusta, Kansas met in regular session on October 3, 2011, with Mayor Kristey Williams presiding.  Council present were Holly Harper, Matt Childers, Michael Huddleston, Sue Jones, Ronald Reavis, and Matt Malone.  Councilmen Michael Wallace and Mike Rawlings were absent.  Also present:  City Manager Bill Keefer, Assistant to the City Manager Josh Shaw, and City Clerk Erica Jones.  Visitors present were: Kent Bush, John Black, Willis Wilson, Martin Goedecke, Mike Kuestersteffen, and Boy Scout Troop 212.


Prayer:  Pastor Paul Andrews, Life Church, gave the invocation.


Minutes:  Reavis made a motion to approve the minutes from the September 19, 2011 meeting.  Huddleston seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.



September (9A):  Huddleston stated the warrant register summary did not have amounts listed.  E. Jones stated there was a virus on the computer that prints this report and when the program was reloaded onto the computer this report must not have been correct.  Huddleston asked that a corrected summary be provided.  Malone made a motion to approve Ordinance 9A in the amount of $342,146.50.   Harper seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition. 



Mayor Williams welcomed Boy Scout Troop 212 to the council meeting and commended them for their recent collection of donations for the Augusta Caring Center.


Old Business:

Sanitation:  Reavis made a motion to schedule a work session for 7 p.m. on Monday, October 24th to review and discuss recommendations from the Sanitation Committee and provide further direction for gathering additional information.  Childers seconded the motion.  Motion carried with Huddleston opposing.  Huddleston stated he was opposed because his impression was that we would turn it over to the committee to do an analysis of all available options and to bring a proposal back to the governing body.  Reavis stated the committee did an analysis and provided their recommendation at the last meeting and that Huddleston didn’t like it.  Reavis stated the committee needs to know what it did wrong.  Huddleston stated the committee immediately dismissed privatization so it did not look into the benefits of privatization versus doing it in house.  Huddleston stated he thinks the committee needs to adequately research privatization and that the governing body needs more information to make a decision.


Engineering Services:  Reavis made a motion to approve and engineering services agreement with Aqua Tech Engineering for the Water Supply Study.  Malone seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.


            Malone made a motion to approve an engineering services agreement for the SPCC Plans Update and related training.  Huddleston seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.


Change Order:  Reavis stated he didn’t understand what this change order is requesting, because the amount approved at the last meeting was over $116,000.  Keefer stated there will be another change order in the future.  Martin Goedecke stated this is for asphalt, patching, and crack sealing and that this amount will be paid to the contractor.  Goedecke stated the change order that will come later will be for Bryant & Bryant construction for the concrete.  Keefer stated the amount being considered tonight is in addition to what was included in APAC’s original contract for the asphalt repair portion of the annual street sales tax project.  Reavis stated the change order included sidewalk repair and asked if you can use street sales tax funds for sidewalk repairs.  Keefer stated we can when it is part of the street repair project.  Goedecke stated this is at the southeast corner of Main and Ohio.  Malone made a motion to approve a change order with APAC, Inc. in the amount of $72,374.83 for the Street Sales Tax Maintenance/Repair project. Childers seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.


New Business:

Spillway/Dam Project:  Reavis made a motion to approve the Assistance Agreement with US Environmental Protection Agency for the $180,000 grant for the City Lake Spillway and Dam Project.  Harper seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.


Levee Project:  Childers made a motion authorizing the Mayor to execute a Consent Agreement with Butler County for Kelly Avenue allowing for a stop log structure to be constructed in their road Right of Way for the Levee Project.  Harper seconded the motion.  Huddleston stated exhibit B refers to the road as Dike Road and stated it is officially SW Hunter Road.  Huddleston asked if that will make a difference on the drawing.  Keefer stated the County Map refers to this section of the road as Dike Road.  Motion carried without opposition.


            Reavis made a motion authorizing the Mayor to execute a Consent Agreement with Butler County for Thunder Road allowing for the placement of the levee in their road Right of Way for the Levee Project.  Childers seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.


Spillway/Dam Project – Fish Salvage:  Council reviewed and discussed the Fish Salvage Process as part of the City’s Spillway and Dam Project.  Williams stated a suggestion would be to let all state license holders’ fish for free beginning on October 15th for 30 days.  Williams stated either we allow them to help us, or we do it ourselves at our expense.  Malone suggested opening up the use of boats to all Butler County residents.  Keefer stated he would only ask that they register their boats so we know what is on the lake.  There was a general consensus from the governing body to waive fees for 30 days. 


Williams stated we would need to publicize the blue/green algae situation.  Keefer stated the State has okayed us waiving the use of nets, but not trot lines.  Huddleston stated the current code states the hours as all reasonable times and asked if that needs to be amended.  Keefer stated he thinks there is some signage about the permitted hours of fishing out there now.  Williams stated these changes would only be for 30 days.  Keefer agreed and stated we would have to evaluate it in 30 days and see where we are.  Huddleston stated he would feel better only waiving the fees for Augustans and residents of Butler County.  Williams stated she would feel better waiving it across the board because they would be helping us and it would be easier to manage than only waiving it for certain people.  Keefer stated staff will send a letter to all of those people who have an annual city fishing license. 


Reavis made a motion waiving fishing requirements and costs starting on October 15th for everyone, allowing the use of nets, and limiting the use of boats to Butler County residents and requiring them to be registered.  Malone seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.


Bids:    Reavis made a motion to approve the bid from MITE Electric in the amount of $4,500 for the purchase of three electric breakers with buckets for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement Project.  Childers seconded the motion.  Huddleston asked why this was not part of the original bid.  Willis Wilson stated that the buckets and breakers have to be made by the same manufacturer of the existing Motor Control Center in order to be compatible.  Motion carried without opposition.


Street Sales Tax Advisory Committee: Huddleston made a motion to approve Dalton Patterson, Karl Winter, Carol Unrein, Brent Van Dyke, Gary Rogers, Anita Elliot, Kevin Visor, Shirley Stueven, Craig Sharp, Joe Luinstra, and Joe Pennycuff to the Street Sales Tax Advisory Committee for a term of two years.  Childers seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.


Informational Memorandum:

Williams – Williams stated the funding from the Corps of Engineers has been secured and we will be moving forward with the Levee Project.  Keefer stated he was informed they official let the project today and that their next move is to analyze the bid to see if there is a way to lower the costs.


            Williams stated she has received emails in regard to watering, specifically for people re-seeding their lawns.  Williams stated her concern is that we still need an emergency water supply and we have to consider the demand for water.  Williams stated when the project is completed in the spring it could take months or years before the lake is replenished.  Williams stated there are 12 to 14 new home builds and she would be open considering adjusting the restrictions to allow the current 14 hours of allowed watering to be spread out over 7 days instead of 2 for brand new lawns.  Huddleston stated people need to deep water their trees and shrubs to keep from losing them.  Huddleston stated he would rather save those than new yards.  Keefer stated that when you put a new yard in you have to keep it wet.  Keefer stated he understands the stress on trees and plants this summer, but that he feels some of those can be done within the current 14 hours of watering allowed but that he doesn’t think the system could handle allowing both.  Williams stated she would like to allow the 14 hours to be spread out to 2 hours per day for new lawns, but that the property owners would be required to get a permit from the inspection department.  Huddleston inquired about a 10-15 day moratorium on the restrictions.  Keefer stated that would not be enough time to re-seed or put in a new lawn.  Williams stated another concern is the amount of demand that would put on the system.  Huddleston asked Williams if she is proposing the change for new lawns and re-seeding and Williams stated she would not recommend changing the restrictions for re-seeding.  Huddleston asked if new lawns will have grass by winter.  Malone stated those yards would be dried up next spring just like all our other lawns.  Williams stated they will have to make that decision at their own risk, and that our safety and need for water will take priority.  Reavis asked Williams if she meant new yards for new construction only.  Williams agreed.  Reavis stated they will still be limited to the 14 hours of watering and Williams agreed. 


Reavis stated he thinks everyone in town has made personal sacrifices because of inadequate water supply and that he would agree that if they don’t have a yard he would rather see them plant it now rather than wait until next spring.  Williams stated grass grows better in the fall.  Malone asked how the winter monthly average would be calculated on these new builds for the purpose of the water conservation fee.  E Jones stated it would be set at 6,000 gallons as it is with all new customers that have not previously had usage. 


Reavis stated he wanted to make sure everyone knows we are not wasting the water that will be drained out of the lake, that we will not be able to get that water into the system.  Williams stated the Division of Water Resources (DWR) owns the water and that water will be put into the rivers.  Williams stated we will continue to use it as a back-up water supply as long as it is available.  Reavis made a motion to allow new construction to put in new yards and for the 14 hours of watering per week allowed under the water restrictions to be spread out over the 7 days.  Reavis stated he would leave how to administer that up to staff.  S. Jones asked how it will be monitored.  Williams stated it will be mostly on their honor.  E. Jones stated we would be able to tell by their usage if they are exceeded the allowed allotment of hours.  Reavis asked that staff provide information from the County Extension office on new yards.  Huddleston seconded the motion.  Motion carried with Childers opposing.  Childers stated he has concerns about the “on your honor” system and is concerned that it is more confusing and could show favoritism.  Childers stated he is concerned about picking and choosing who can do this. 


Keefer stated as a whole, the community has complied with the restrictions and the citizens should be commended for their efforts.  Keefer stated we will try to us as much of the water in the lake we can before we start pumping it out when the quality of the water at that level is not very good.  Keefer stated he is concerned about the El Dorado water line, so the hours of day when watering is allowed is an issue for regulating demand.  Keefer stated if the water towers go dry we would have to have a boil water issue. 


Reavis asked about the status of the repairs of the million gallon storage tank and asked if it will be out of commission during this time.  Willis Wilson stated it will be out of service during the time of the spillway/dam repairs.  Reavis inquired about the time frame.  Wilson stated it will be a winter/spring project.  Williams inquired about the risk to the tank if the project is put off for a year.  Wilson stated a year would not cause the tank to fail.  Williams stated she would be more comfortable with waiting to complete the tank project.  Huddleston stated he thinks what the council is concerned about is that if the lake is empty it is not good to have the storage tank empty too.  Wilson stated he does not see a connection between the lake water supply and the storage tank repairs.  Malone inquired about our storage capacity.  Keefer stated there is 2.5 million gallons of storage capacity between the storage tank and the three water towers.  Wilson stated the tank would be approximately a half of a day additional usage.  Williams asked if staff could review this project in terms of timing.  Reavis inquired about Mulvane’s storage.  Keefer stated they have a reservoir and a water tower.  Williams stated it would be good to know their storage capacity.  Keefer stated these are all good points and something that should be considered.  Williams stated she would like it reviewed, because draining the lake is a risk and right now might not be the best time for this project.  Williams stated since we are funding this project it could be delayed without risk to the funding.  Williams requested that staff bring back a recommendation to the council on the million gallon storage tank project.


Final Comments:

Huddleston – Huddleston inquired about the obstruction in the inlet tower and asked if we couldn’t do anything about that.  Keefer stated we had flow issues a month ago and could not find an obstruction in the inlet tower, but found a blockage in the pumps themselves.  Keefer stated there would be some clearing of debris in the inlet tower during the construction of the dam/spillway.


Harper – Harper asked if we can make any provisions for the new trees that were planted at the cemetery, that some are turning brown.  Keefer stated that Brian Alfaro is working on those and that he would have to check with him to see what specifically is being done to address them.  Harper stated that Channel 7 has been very static-y.  Williams stated the volume has been very low.  Keefer stated he will check it out.  Reavis asked if it is a Cox problem and whether we have any control over Cox.  Keefer stated we don’t. 


Williams – Williams thank everyone who participated in the Homecoming Festival and the Yesteryear Fair.


Reavis – Reavis thanked Josh Shaw and the airport staff for a wonderful Fly-In.  Reavis stated he appreciated their hard work and that there was very good attendance at the event.


S. Jones – Jones stated several weeks ago there was something in the Informational Memorandum about updating the employee handbook.  Keefer stated there will be a work session for that before the end of the year.


Adjourn:  At 8:10 p.m. S. Jones made a motion to adjourn.   Malone seconded the motion.  Motion carried without opposition.      

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