Total Property Tax Rate: 171.555 mills (2021)

 City:      55.782 mills 
 Butler County:      34.013 mills
 USD 402 Augusta Schools:     62.253 mills
 State:     1.500 mills
 Butler Community College:      18.007 mills

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Total Augusta Sales Tax: 8.5%

 State Sales Tax:       6.5% 
 County Sales Tax:       0.0%
 City Sales Tax:      2.0%
 No Local Income Tax  

Community Improvement District (CID) Sales Taxes

The City of Augusta has two CID districts that charge an additional 2.0% sales tax.  This sales tax reimburses the project developer for construction of improvements within the district.  Learn more about CIDs

Sugar Shane's Cafe  10.5% 
Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel       10.5%

Additional Information

 State Income Tax:     Kansas Department of Revenue 
 Ad Valorem Property Tax:    Butler County Appraiser
 Personal Property Tax:    Butler County Appraiser
 Motor Vehicle Taxes:    Kansas Department of Revenue