SCKEDD Directory of Loan Programs & Grants


The South Central Kansas Economic Development District, Inc. (SCKEDD) is a Kansas non-profit corporation, an Economic Development District (EDD) and a Certified Development Company (CDC) that offers financial assistance through grants and loans to businesses within its 14 member counties (including Butler County). 


Attention: Not all of the following grants and loans may be available in Butler County.

Please read the following to find information that applies to your needs


If you own or are in the process of starting a small business and your loan request is for $35,000 or less, you may qualify for a Microloan.
If you own a business in a rural area or community of up to 25,000 population and you need a maximum of $150,000 in funds (minimum 25% match required) you may qualify for the Intermediary Relending Program (RD).
If your business is located in a rural area or city with less than 50,000 population and you plan to add jobs with your business expansion, the B&I may apply to your needs.
If you plan extensive development of a business including land, building, machines and other equipment and create jobs in the process, you may qualify for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) loan funds.
If your business needs call for less than $300,000, you may qualify for the Revolving Loan Fund (EDA).
An economic development program that provides small business concerns with a financing source of potentially 90% for the acquisition of fixed assets.  The program requires a lower owner investment and up to 40% of the eligible project costs may be financed with a longer term, normally below-market, fixed-rate loan.
If you are working through your bank to secure additional funding for your business, the SBA 7a loan may be the program you need.
If you need urgent repairs to one significant problem in your home, you may qualify for repairs at no cost.
If you have a small business and your loan request is between $2,500 and $50,000 you may qualify for a Rural Business Development Loan.




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