Property Tax Exemption


Q: What property is eligible for tax exemption?

New Business

Buildings, land, and tangible personal property

Existing Business

Expansions to existing buildings will be given consideration


Q: What types of businesses are eligible?

- New and Existing businesses involved in (a) manufacturing, (b) research & development, or (c) storing goods traded in interstate commerce

- Existing businesses are only eligible if new employment is created


Q: How long does the tax exemption last?

- Exemptions may extend up to 10 years


Q: What is the general process for obtaining a tax exemption? learn more...

Step 1: Contact a City designee for preliminary review

Step 2: Complete the Property Tax Exemption Application (Available Here!) and submit to City Clerk

Step 3: Cost-Benefit Analysis preparation

Step 4: Public Hearing and Governing Body review


Q: What is the City of Augusta's policy on tax exemptions?

- Read the City's Property Tax Exemption Policy

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